What is OptiMargin?

OptiMargin is a margin reconciliation and optimization tool for hedge funds, trading houses and asset managers. Our goal is to minimize margin without affecting risk. OptiMargin is a Software as a Service solution made necessary by burdensome regulation, high interest rates, and increased central clearing.

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OptiMargin's goal is to minimize margin without affecting risk.

Conventional Switches

  • Can result in INCREASING margin.
  • Only scratches the surface, like cutting a steak with plastic knife.
  • Manual, Slow, Inaccurate, non-systematic, applies to small books, lacks scale.


  • Big Data solution – systematic, averages 12k scenarios/night.
  • Re-runs optimization and scenarios several times/day.
  • Optimizes on several scales: book, desk, firmwide.
  • Auto-updates latest markets and user-defined transaction costs in two formats: nominal margin and nightly cash.
  • Recommendation include: FCM Transfers; Inter-Exchange switches in which no prior position existed; Inter-Exchange-Inter-FCM switches.
  • Main value add is awareness, awareness, awareness.


Up to 4 hour run time
thousands of scenarios of optimized


Up to 15 min run time
generate quick results post-close


Your data sits in a lock-box that you control. No third-party affiliates, no data sharing agreements, nothing. Our access is limited and disclosed.