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Broker Affiliate Program

Receive Exclusive 1st Look on Daily Trade Recommendations
Introduce a trading client to OptiMargin. Every client can only have one broker coverage
Trade Recommendations populate twice a day in your dedicated Broker Dashboard
Traders pick the best recommendation for execution and provide exclusive 1st look on order flow
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1. Nominal Margin Savings

2. Projected Cash Yield

Cash = (Interest Savings * Durability) - Execution Expense
Margin interest expense saved
Opti’s projection of switch longevity, in days
Cost of execution, could be negative if collecting

Broker Dashboard

How does OptiMargin Handle Trade Data?

No Position Data Custody EVER
  • OptiMargin does not
    Custody Trade Data
  • OptiMargin does not
    Control Trade Data
  • OptiMargin does not
    Provide Access to Trade Data

Trade Blast

OptiMargin enables 'ICE CHAT' like blasts, where a broker can 'push' a specific simulation scenario and generate a trade recommendation.

Example: say you are paying 3x the going rate for a particular switch*, you can create this scenario for testing and 'blast' specific customers to generate a unique trade recommendation on their end.

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