Spanish Soccer App 'La Liga' Spying on Users

Published 14 Jun, 2019

As gizmodo wrote, Spanish Soccer App 'La Liga' was Spying on users geopositioning and taping their microphones to learn when they were watching pirated games at bars without a license. 

While it was all spelled out in the Terms and Conditions, its clear the equation of free data and using customer data in a predatory manner is a trade customers will no longer accept.....

"If you accept the specific and optional box enabled for this purpose, you consent to the access and use of your mobile device’s microphone and geopositioning functionalities so that LaLiga knows from which locations football is being streamed and thus detect any fraudulent behaviour by unauthorised establishments. Activation of both the microphone and geopositioning of your mobile device will require your prior acceptance of our pop-up window."

We think differently on privacy and user data. Philosophically on the other side of the spectrum.