Customer is King. Period.

Published 12 Feb, 2019

In a few words let me share with you
how we think about OptiMargin: 

1. Customer is King. Period.

2. No Luggage Fees (airlines reference) - Look at Genscape/Vortexa/Kpler/ClipperData/Orbital Insights, etc – amazing companies (genuine fan), yet with every consecutive license sale the value of the ‘edge’ sold to the customer decrease, it’s a model that dilutes the customer in favor of paying a return to the VC. We'll take money from VC's but only if they are on board that customer and product come first. We don't invest in nascent tech and don't require years of cash burn, this is why we prefer early adopters to be early investors. Customers ARE the best investors.

3. Data is a Liability, Not an Asset - When deciding between exploiting customer data to enhance profits, and completely avoiding any customer data, we favor the customer. We don't want to guard customer data, we don't want access to customer data, we don't want to resell customer data, we just want to build a really good product. 

4. We don't build a product and then hire salespeople - our salespeople are called Ulysses Commodities, an established IB. its those sales people that determine customer user experience, and launch insight into the next product. Our products are cross selling of existing relationships.

Customer is King. Period.